The virtual laboratory

The virtual laboratory

The Danish Diabetes Academy has sponsored two new diabetes exercises for the Virtual Lab 2.1 developed by Biotech Academy. The virtual lab provides a unique, educational and inspiring insight into laboratory work. The new exercises have been developed in close cooperation with researchers from the Danish Diabetes Academy.

Learn about biotechnology

The Virtual Lab 2.1 is a free and stimulating e-learning tool for anyone with an interest in biology and biotechnology. The game is specifically designed for students in upper secondary education, and it provides a realistic simulation of laboratory work. You learn about good laboratory practices and pitfalls, while students' knowledge in key areas of biotechnology is stimulated. Furthermore, the Virtual Lab provides many students with renewed curiosity and motivation through the process of interactive e-learning.

Biotechnology at all levels

In the Virtual Lab 2.1 it is possible to get acquainted with issues and workflows in a biotechnology laboratory, which otherwise is not possible in secondary education due to expensive and time-consuming processes, and for safety reasons. Besides exercises in genetic engineering, fermentation and the central dogma, you can design your own drugs on the molecular level, carry out experiments in vitro and subsequently do tests on a “live” mouse and see the effect. These tests and test reviews are very similar to the processes in the large pharmaceutical companies.

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