Danish Diabetes Academy - The First 5 Years

Danish Diabetes Academy - The First 5 Years

The status report 'The First 5 Years' published by Danish Diabetes Academy presents the results of DDA’s performance in the period from 1 September 2012 to 31 December 2017. In preparation for the report, some of our members were asked to write a few lines about what DDA has meant to them. Read their statements listed below.

Oluf Borbye Pedersen

“To experience the already gained output from the members of the Danish Diabetes Academy 'Growth House' is to see a dream come through"

Rikke Hjortebjerg

"The feeling of belonging to the community has fueled a ‘team spirit’ among upcoming diabetes researchers” 

Jens Høiriis Nielsen

“DDA has contributed to a renewal of the traditional format of scientific conferences"

Louise Lang Lehrskov

"DDA events have given me a great opportunity to network with young and senior researchers"

Niels Jessen

“Looking back at the merely five years, Danish Diabetes Academy has existed, it is obvious that very much has been achieved in this very short time frame" 

Zeniab Mahmoudi

"I summarize my experience from Danish Diabetes Academy in three words: support, encouragement, and enthusiasm"

Ekaterina Malsova

“DDA has created plenty of opportunities for me to not only gain expert knowledge and research skills within the field of diabetes, but also crucial transferrable skills that include public speaking, organization, and innovation"

Susanne Mandrup

“For me personally DDA has been a fantastic platform for networking with national and international colleagues in the field"

David McIntyre

"As a direct result of my DDA links, a young Danish clinician researcher is now planning a visit to my clinic and research unit in Brisbane, Australia”

Dorte Møller Jensen

"From my personal point of view there is no doubt that DDA has played a significant role in developing the research areas (diabetes/obesity in pregnancy and fetal programming) that are my main interests"

Jose Omar Silverman Retana

"Talent development is one of the most remarkable contributions of Danish Diabetes Academy to diabetes research"

Christopher Rhodes

“I would argue that DDA currently trains some of the most talented young diabetes researchers"

Rugivan Sabaratnam

“DDA creates a wonderful platform for scientists at all levels to communicate and establish collaboration within different diabetes/metabolism research areas"

Esben Søndergaard

“My postdoc in the Danish Diabetes Academy was a great kick-start for my career"

Chittaranjan Yajnik 

"When I was offered the visiting professorship of DDA, I realized this was my lifetime wish coming true"

Daniel Witte

“Danish Diabetes Academy has been instrumental in providing opportunities for talented researchers at all levels" 

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