Diabetes Challenge

Diabetes Challenge

The key purpose of the Diabetes Challenge concept, initiated by Henning Beck-Nielsen, is to create an interdisciplinary learning context with active and deep learning – where basic researchers and clinical researchers cooperate and as a result hopefully come up with ideas to help patients getting a better life with diabetes. 

Improved learning outcome

Experience from earlier academies suggests that there is potential to improve learning outcomes by moving from an emphasis on traditional lecture-based instruction formats to more interactive learning designs.

Diabetes Challenge 2017

For the Winter School in Malaga, 20-23 March 2017, all participants were invited to take part in the Diabetes Challenge 2017.

The challenge was based on two individual tracks on respectively Precision Medicine and Diabetes Epidemiology presented by Professor Paul Franks and Professor Daniel Witte, who guided the participants through the challenge step by step via video introductions, Skype meetings and e-mail correspondance.

Go to www.diabeteschallenge.dk for more information about the Diabetes Challenge 2017 and its content.

Promotion video recorded in Malaga 2017