Innovation course 2017 was an eye opener

Innovation course 2017 was an eye opener

On April 4, 2017, the third and final day of the innovation course ‘Put your discoveries to use in society’, offered in cooperation with INNO-X Healthcare, was held at the Danish Diabetes Association in Copenhagen.

The day was allocated to presentations from the course participants of their individual research projects. We started out with eight participants two months ago, and all eight were there as part of the final team.

Danish Diabetes Academy Innovation course 2017

It was obvious that the course participants had taken a lot of the learning from the two previous course days and from the home work, and brought it into their presentations. The participants were initially skeptical about the entrepreneurial approach and how it could be applied in a research context, but they were all very positive about the applied methods.


An important part of the course was for the participants to do a series of interviews with different stakeholders related to their projects, especially end-users. Although it in some instances was a bit frightening and brought the participants out of their comfort zone, it was also an eye-opener that gave them whole new insights, giving focus and direction to their individual projects.

And after having done a few interviews, the participants realized that it wasn’t as challenging to make contact and do the next interviews. As one of the course participants commented:

“It was amazing how willing total strangers were to share thoughts and give inputs, when they were contacted for an interview”.


The course also had a strong focus on interdisciplinarity, and besides making interviews with people from other disciplines, the course participants also represented a wide group of disciplines among themselves, which added a lot of value to the course discussions and let to new contacts and possibilities for future collaboration.

Danish Diabetes Academy Innovation course 2017


  • Entrepreneurial approach to research to conceive its value
  • Need Statement as a focus framing tool
  • Validation, - as tool to question own assumptions and move from believing to knowing by data and proof-of-life
  • Mixed Methods research, qualitative and quantitative
  • Interview technique
  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Team and profiles
  • Presentation abilities