Great expectations to the symposium East-West Forum: diabetes outcome trends

Great expectations to the symposium East-West Forum: diabetes outcome trends

After a Tuesday evening with both DDA members and other good colleagues at Estádio da Luz (The home field of the soccer team SL Benfica) I attended the morning symposium entitled: East-West Forum: diabetes outcome trends.

As my field in complications of diabetes is highly overlapping with the topic of this symposium it was with great expectations I set off to the conference center. The symposium was well-attended and the three speakers gave an excellent overview of their experience in diabetes epidemiology.


Soffia Godbjörnsdottir started by telling about the work she has done on the National Swedish Diabetes register. She talked us through the impressive data-set they are working with and presented results on how mortality trends have developed during the last 20 years in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes in Sweden.


Edward W. Gregg was the next presenter. He talked both about long term trends in diabetes complications and also gave and update of the recent five years on diabetes related complications in the US. Lastly he gave his opinion on how the impact of the character of the US epidemic would affect American society. One of his main points was that as people with diabetes live longer, the prevalence of complications will continue to rise even if the incidence of diabetes falls.


The last speaker was Mitsuhiko Noda from Japan. He started by presenting predicted outcome trends (microvascular as well as macrovascular complications) in the Japanese population until 2030. He also presented specific goals set up by the Japanese government regarding the diabetes burden and how these goals influenced the specific health care guidance in Japan. One of the more interesting findings that he presented was the fact that the Japanese population seems to have a decreasing BMI level, which is in contrast to what we have experienced in western countries.

Overall, the symposium touched a broad spectrum of epidemiology data design, exposure measurements and outcome trends in different parts of the world. The meeting set the base for an interesting discussion and my high expectations was not let down on this beautiful Lisbon morning.