BBDC-Joslin-UCPH conference and Training Day 2017 highlights

BBDC-Joslin-UCPH conference and Training Day 2017 highlights

On November 20-21, 2017, the Banting and Best Diabetes Centre (BBDC), Joslin Diabetes Center (Joslin) and University of Copenhagen (UCPH) held their 4th joint symposium on diabetes with the topic Diabetic Complications from Molecular Mechanisms to Patient Orientated Research at the MaRS centre in Toronto, Canada.

Prior to the conference, Danish Diabetes Academy hosted a Training Day at the University Club of Toronto for a total of 28 young researchers from the three above-mentioned institutions. The overall objectives of the training day were to establish a network among the young researchers from the three oldest and largest diabetes centres in the world, and to give the young researchers the opportunity to prepare themselves for the overall topic of the BBDC-Joslin-UCPH conference.

Danish Diabetes Academy Training Day in Toronto, Cananda 2017

From Denmark the following 8 young researchers participated: Ashfaq Ali, Frida Emanuelsson Lemvig, Laura Kofoed Kjær, Lene Ring Madsen, Louise Lang Lehrskov, Nadja Buus, Line Engelbrechtsen and Piotr Dworsinsky. Below you can read short stories by some of them on their experiences and gains from the conference.

Ashfaq Ali

Ashfaq Ali at BBDC-Joslin-UCPH conference and Danish Diabetes Academy training day

Frida Emanuelsson Lemvig

Danish Diabets Academy fellow Frida Emanuelsson at BBDC-Joslin-UCPH conference 2017

Laura Kofoed Kjær

Danish Diabetes Academy fellow at BBDC-Joslin-UCPH conference 2017

Lene Ring Madsen

Danish Diabetes Academy fellow Lene Ring Madsen at BBDC-Joslin-UCPH conference 2017

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