Article reviews

Article reviews


Here you can find links to reviews or resumés from our News archive of selected articles published by our funded Professors, PhD -and Post Doc fellows or articles published as a result of one of our workshops:




  • PhD student Christoffer Martinussen, Emerging Drugs for the Treatment of Obesity, Expert Opin Emerg Drugs, December 2016. The article evaluates emerging pharmacological strategies to treat obesity with focus on drugs in phase 2 and 3 clinical development. 
  • PhD student Rakel Fuglsang Johansen, Basal and insulin-regulated VLDL1 and VLDLkinetics in men with type 2 diabetes Diabetologia, January 2016 
    According to the article men with type 2 diabetes and healthy men, matched for age and BMI, have comparable basal and postabsorptive VLDL
    1-and VLDL2-TG secretion rates and respond similarly to peripheral insulin suppression of lipolysis leading to significant reductions in VLDL1 secretion rates, whereas VLDL2 secretion rates are unaltered.