Annual Progress Reports

All Danish Diabetes Academy funded Post Docs are obliged to submit an annual progress resport to the Danish Diabetes Academy secretariat with deadlines 1 May 2015, 1 May 2016 and 1 May 2017.

A report should consist of:

  • Dates of your Post Doc employment at your host institution
  • ½ A4 page containing a status of the project and the progress in relation to the project description including any deviations from the project description and the plan for the following year
  • Documentation of salary paid out to you from the accounts department of your host institution (e.g. salary extract)
  • List of submitted publications, number of accepted publications and published publications
  • List of awards and prizes, positions of trust and other grants
  • List of oral and poster presentations at distinguished conferences and seminars
  • List of other tasks such as supervisor for PhD students or responsible for organizing courses or seminars 

Click here to go to the annual progress report upload form

Furthermore, you will have to send a final report together with the report on 1 May 2017 or by the end of your Post Doc period of 1-3 years. We will send you further information about the final report by the end of your Post Doc fellowship.