Annual progress reports

An annual progress report should be submitted to the Danish Diabetes Academy secretariat with deadlines 1 May 2015, 1 May 2016 and 1 May 2017. 

Furthermore, you will have to send a final report together with the report on 1 May 2017 or by the end of your Post Doc period of 1-3 years. We will send you further information about the final report by the end of your Post Doc fellowship.

For further information go to:

Conduct of meetings

Agendas and meeting time/location shall be announced by the Chair via e-mail to all members.

The Chair opens the meeting that will proceed as follows:

  1. Approval of the minutes
  2. The Chair shall ask if there are any additions or corrections to the minutes. After general consent, the minutes will be declared "approved" or "approved as amended" by the Chair.
  3. Reports from committees, special guests or the administration if relevant.
  4. Unfinished business from previous meeting
  5. Any business that was to be considered at the previous meeting
  6. New business
  7. The Chair will ask the members if there is any new business to be discussed