Available Postdoc position in T2D, inflammation and epigenetic control at Cordeliers Research Centre in Paris

Available Postdoc position in T2D, inflammation and epigenetic control at Cordeliers Research Centre in Paris -

A fully funded (2-years) postdoctoral position in type 2 diabetes, inflammation and epigenetic control is available at the Cordeliers Research Center in Paris, France.

Metabolic Inflammation in Diabetes and its Complications (Venteclef Lab) - the group led by Dr. Nicolas Venteclef - is a multi-disciplinary team with a focus on metabolism, inflammation/immunity and epigenetic regulation, in particular by coregulators and chromatin modifiers in the context of diabetes.

The research group is embedded in the University Center of Diabetes and its Complications giving access to human samples of very well phenotyped-patients.
The Venteclef lab combines molecular analyses, in vitro and in vivo approaches to connect basic research with comprehension of human diseases. We offer a dynamic, highly interactive environment and an international working atmosphere with state of the art facilities.


Using state-of-the-art gene-editing and functional genomics/proteomics techniques, we seek to identify epigenomic pathways involved in human diabetes. The proposed project aims to investigate:

  1. the function of a novel chromatin modifying enzyme.
  2. to unravel the cross-talk of metabolic and epigenetic regulation of macrophage activation in diabetes. You will combine metabolomics with genome-wide analyses, proteomics, and molecular- and cellular biology techniques to identify novel mechanisms involved in macrophage activation and function.

A strong background in epigenetics, metabolism and/or inflammation is desirable.

The postdoctoral research will be performed in a highly interdisciplinary and collaborative environment with world-class experts and advanced technologies and facilities, which provide unique and ideal career development opportunities for postdocs.


Applicants should have a recent Ph.D. degree (or equivalent) in molecular biology, genetics/epigenetics, metabolism and/or. Experience with high-throughput genomics/epigneomics, CRISPR screens and next-generation sequencing preparation and analysis is a relevant plus.


Interested applicants should send a cover letter describing your past research experience, a curriculum vitae, and the contact information of three references to Dr. Nicolas Venteclef (Nicolas.venteclef@inserm.fr) with the subject line “Postdoc Application in Epigenetics”.

Application deadline: 1 October 2018