Adam Hulman at the IDEG meeting followed by the IDF conference in Abu Dhabi December 2017

Adam Hulman at the IDEG meeting followed by the IDF conference in Abu Dhabi December 2017 -

Report by Postdoc Adam Hulman, who attended the IDF conference in Abu Dhabi with at travel grant from Danish Diabetes Academy.

Every other year, the International Diabetes Epidemiology Group (IDEG) gathers for a 3-day conference right after the IDF conference, which took place in Abu Dhabi this year. This event gave a great opportunity to extend my research network beyond Europe as probably our continent was the least represented among attendees. 

As part of the scientific program, I had an oral presentation with the title: "Patterns of glucose response during the OGTT". This work is a significant step in my postdoc project supported by the Academy. The main idea behind the project is to use a novel longitudinal statistical approach i.e. latent class trajectory modeling to analyse data from frequently sampled OGTTs (e.g. 0, 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes) to examine the heterogeneity of (pre)diabetes. In my talk, I presented a model that classifies individuals into clusters characterised by not only heterogeneous glucose response curves during the OGTT, but also different degrees of insulin sensitivity and beta-cell function. We also demonstrated the robustness of the method in a prospective setting. The manuscript presenting our findings is still under development, however, at the time of IDEG we launched an interactive online application that classifies individuals into glucose response pattern classes based on the glucose measurements entered by the user ( After the conference, I also attended an excellent workshop on survival analysis held by Bendix Carstensen from Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen.

Lastly, I would like to take the chance to congratulate DDA Prof. Daniel Witte, who received Harry Keen Award at IDEG for his contributions to diabetes epidemiology research ( It has been a pleasure being a member of Daniel's team in the last seven years and I am looking forward to our exciting future projects.

IDEG 2017 meeting in Abu Dhabi