PhD grants

Who can apply?

Prospective PhD candidates may apply with a recommendation from the potential principal supervisor.
All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply, regardless of age, gender, religious affiliation or ethnic background.  

What do I need to apply? 

In order to apply for a 1/3 PhD scholarship, you and your project must match the following:
  • The PhD project has to relate to the research areas of Danish Diabetes Academy (DDA), i.e. type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, diabetic complications, diabetes and pregnancy and diabetes technology

  • The principal supervisor has to be associated with a Danish university*

  • (For foreign applicants DDA will be helpful with recommending a potential principal supervisor associated with a Danish university)

  • You must have a  Master’s degree in health science or basic science and technology (MD or MSc) at the time of application** or a Bachelor’s degree if applying on the 4+4 agreement***

  • The application must be written in English

  •  High-level English language skills are required (oral as well as written)

  • Already enrolled PhD students cannot apply

  • Only one application from each applicant is accepted 

* A principal supervisor must be employed at the faculty at which you apply for enrollment, and he/she must conduct research as an associate professor or professor within the subject studied by the PhD student. The principal supervisor has overall responsibility for ensuring compliance with all formalities relating to the PhD programme
** If the exam is not yet passed, the applicant should enclose a statement from the supervisor of the Master thesis confirming when the thesis will be handed in and when the exam will take place. The exam has to take place no later than 3 months after the application deadline.  If the exam is not passed 3  months after deadline or if you do not pass the exam, the scholarship cannot be granted.
*** The 4+4 agreement is an integrated PhD programme that allows the student to begin the PhD programme prior to completion of his/her master's degree. Minimum requirements include completion of a bachelor’s degree as well as 60 ECTS of the Master’s programme. 
See the list of Principal Investigators of our research collaborations.  

How do I apply?

In order to apply for a co-financed (1/3) PhD scholarship you have to fill out the online application form and attach the following information. 
  1. Recommendation letter from the principal supervisor including:
    - description of the scientific environment(s) where the PhD project will be carried out
    - statement concerning expected or already granted funding of the remaining 2/3 financing (incl. tuition fee to the university) 

  2. PhD project description (max. 6 pages excluding references)

  3. Detailed time schedule for the course of study (including documentation for agreements regarding change of research environment and/ or collaboration with relevant research groups (e-mail correspondance is sufficient documentation))

  4. Your CV (including documentation of research experience e.g. publication of articles, experience with working in a research laboratory, pregraduate research etc.)

  5. Copy of the candidate's masters degree certificate (including grades)

  6. Short CV of the supervisor(s) 

  7. Other relevant documents (e.g. recommendations, IELTS certificate (international standardized certificate of English proficiency))

The secretariat of DDA will process all incoming applications. Applications not fulfilling the technical requirements will be discarded and regarded as not qualified.
Use the online application form to submit your application.   

Application deadline

There are no planned application calls in 2017
As we are approaching the end of our first project period 31/1-2017, we don't know when we will be able to post the next application call until we receive an extended grant for a second project period.


Applicants have to be aware of the fact that specific requirements can vary from one university to another e.g. required research experience and publication of articles in peer-reviewed journals.


All qualified applications will be submitted to the Research Committee, which together with national peers will make the scientific evaluation of the candidates. The procedure for this will be as follows:

  • The Academy secretariat will call for PhD applications

  • Applications can be submitted via the Academy´s website

  • The Academy secretariat will carry out a legality control of the candidates’ documentation (Master’s degree certificate etc.)

  • After the legality control, the applications are sent to the Research Committee

  • The Research Committee will screen and then select applications considered to have world class potential fitting the scientific aims outlined by the Academy

  • Selected applications will subsequently be submitted for review by three independent peers. Head of the PhD research programme at the respective university will function as one of the peers (in case of conflict of interest, the head of the PhD research programme will be replaced with a qualified substitute from the university).

  • The peers will return a written evaluation to the committee 


Based on the feedback from the peer review, the Research Committee will make a final evaluation of the candidates and select preferred candidates to be presented to the Academy Board.

Every applicant is given an individual assessment. Assessment of the applicant’s qualifications are based on the following factors:

Scientific quality of applicant - 50 % 

  • Grades of master education
  • Research experience
  • Publication track record e.g. number of publications (considering first authorships and impact factor of the journal)
  • Other qualifications

Scientific quality of project and research environment - 50 %

  • Originality and innovative aspects of the projects
  • International aspects of the project
  • If relevant for quality of the proposed project, collaboration with other research groups and suggested visits to other national or international research groups during the PhD project period. 
  • Quality of the host environment and PI (recent publications, international standing, international and national collaborations)

The responsible project supervisor will be informed about the decision by the DDA secretariat and is expected to help the PhD candidate submit an application for enrolment at the relevant university.

Selected candidates will be contacted and the successful projects/candidates will be posted on the DDA website. 

Terms of Employment 


In accordance with its grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation, Danish Diabetes Academy will in 2015 allocate 2 x 15 1/3 PhD scholarships of each 550.000 DKK (covering salary and 1-year tuition fee).

Full financing for 3 years is a prerequisite for being enrolled as a PhD student at a Danish university. Accordingly, Danish Diabetes Academy grants 1/3 PhD scholarships provided that funding for the remaining 2/3 financing (including tuition fee to the university) is assured. If a submitted application does not include documentation of the remaining 2/3 financing in terms of a grant letter or the like, the 1/3 PhD scholarship will be paid out, when the DDA secretariat has received documentation of the remaining 2/3 financing.

The Academy allocates 1/3 scholarships to candidates applying for enrolment as a PhD student at any university in Denmark. The following universities/ faculties have confirmed in advance that they are willing to co-finance with a limited number of 1/3 PhD scholarships for excellent candidates:

  • The Faculty of Science, University of Southern Denmark

  • The Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southern Denmark

  • The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen

  • The Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen

  • The Faculty of Health Sciences, Aarhus University 


Enrolment will take place at a university in Denmark. Employment will last for three years at the institution where the PhD project will be carried out. 


For information about terms of employment see the PhD protocol

The PhD programme must be completed in accordance with regulations and guidelines defined by the university where employment will take place. 


Selected PhD candidates are expected to sign up as a member of the Academy and to participate in the activities and PhD courses offered by the PhD Network of Diabetes and Metabolism.

All Academy-funded PhD fellows are expected to send copies of their six-monthly progress reports to us at the DDA secretariat.

Further information

For further information contact the DDA secretariat by phone (+45) 6541 3960 or e-mail