Post Doc fellows

Below you can find a list of Postdoctoral fellows that received a 3-year Post Doc fellowship from the Danish Diabetes Academy before 2015. Post Doc fellows granted a Post Doc fellowship since 2015 are listed here.

Post Doc fellows 2013

  • Alexander Rauch - Transcriptional networks controlling determination and differentiation of the adipocyte lineage

  • Amarnadh Nalla - Identification of circulating factors involved in beta cell adaptation to changes in insulin demand

  • Anna Sofie Salö - Physiological roles of miR-21 and miR-29a for beta-cell function and replication in the neonate and in the adult

  • Charlotte Jeppesen - Prevention of diabetes among women with previous gestational diabetes

  • Ehm Astrid Andersson - Indepth genetic and functional characterization of rare variation in G-protein coupled receptors of importance for type 2 diabetes

  • Esben Laugesen - Arterial stiffness and cardiovascular disease in patients with type 2 diabetes

  • Esben Søndergaard - Postprandial VLDL-TG kinetics and metabolism in type 2 diabetes mellitus

  • Gitte Lund Christensen - Induction of beta cell regeneration for the treatment of diabetes

  • Honggang Huang - Characterization of reactive oxygen/nitrogen species (ROS/RNS)-mediated posttranslational modifications of proteins in diabetes

  • Jacob Østergaard - The complement system in diabetec kidney disease

  • Janne Lebeck - AQP9 and hepatic synthesis of glucose and triglyceride

  • Karina Cullberg - Hypoxia-induced inflammation in adipose tissue as a model for adipose dysfunction in obesity: Implications for the metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes

  • Kåre Engkilde - Regulation of immunity in insulin producing beta cells

  • Martin Frederichsen - Exerkines and the health beneficial effects of exercise

  • Mathias Ried Larsen - Implementation of the DD2 exercise program in Danish Municipalities

  • Nanna Borup Johansen - Diabetes epidemiology

  • Rasmus Riebel Madsen - Subcutaneous adipose tissue expandability and ex vivo pre-adipocyte functions in subjects with low birth weight

  • Signe Schmidt - Closed-loop and type 1 diabetes

  • Tina Ravnsborg - Serum Biomarkers of Gestational Diabetes in Obese Women 

Post Doc fellows 2014

  • Dimitri Boiroux - A bi-hormonal artificial pancreas based on an ensemble nonlinear model predictive control algorithm

  • Ektarina Maslova - Maternal diet and pathysical activity in pregnancy and the propensity for type 2 diabetes mellitus in 11 to 16 year-old children

  • Kasper Andersen - Structural studies of mTOR signaling in glucose homeostasis

  • Mads Fuglsang - SorCS1: a novel drug target in diabetes and obestity?

  • Maja Storm Engelstoft - Understanding the enteroendocrine system at the single cell level as the basis for development of novel treatments for diabetes and obesity

  • Michaela Tencerova - Characterization of BMAT in lean healthy and obese insulin resistant mice and humans

  • Odile Fabre - The role of environmental factors on the epigenetic inheritance of metabolic traits

  • Pall Ragnar Karlsson - Sensory changes, orofacial somatosensory function and nerve fiber analysis on DPB patients and healthy controls

  • Trine Koustrup Sønder - Endothelial DYSfunction in patients with type 2 diabetes (EDF-T2D)

  • Yuvaraj Mahendran - Early onset type 2 diabetes:Genetic and metabolic characterization of amino acid metabolism