Exchange travel grants

Exchange travel grants


A limited number of exchange grants, intended to stimulate new collaborations between scientists in Denmark and abroad and to enable young scientists and clinicians to travel and stay at other institutions in order to learn different scientific techniques related to diabetes, are available for PhD students and Post Doc fellows.

  1. Who can apply
  2. Prerequisites
  3. How to apply
  4. Evaluation 
  5. Expenses covered
  6. Reimbursement

Who can apply

PhD students and Post Docs funded by the Danish Diabetes Academy can apply for the exchange travel grants.


To receive an exchange travel grant it is a prerequsite that: 

  • The beginning of your visit takes place no later than 31-08-17 (the end of the Academy's first project period).
  • Your visit starts at the earliest 15-02-17 i.e. applications for existing visits or visits taking place up to two weeks before the application deadline will not be taken into consideration.

Additionally, the selected applicants will be asked to send a scientific report stating the outcome of the stay within 1 month after the end of the visit.

How to apply

Applications should be submitted via our online application form and must include:

  1. A motivation letter including a description of the proposed research project, the planned date and aim of the stay
  2. Budget including estimated travel and accommodation expenses
  3. A curriculum vitae 
  4. A letter of recommendation 
  5. A letter/ e-mail of acceptance from the host institute

Application deadline: 1 February 2017, 12:00 noon

Expected date for reply: 10 February 2017 


The Academy secretariat and the Academy board will carry out the evaluation and screening of all incomming applications.


For exchange visits in USA expenses up to DKK 40.000 will be covered.
For exchange visits in Europe expenses up to DKK 30.000 will be covered.

The grant will cover expenses for flight ticket (coach/economy class) and/ or accommodation during the stay. 
Please notice that the Danish Diabetes Academy will not cover running costs.


The payout of the grant can only be made as a reimbursement of the actual costs of the travel expenses according to accounting rules under the Danish State and Region of Southern Denmark. 

Contact Malene MacDonald for help with reimbursement at the latest 3 weeks after the given conference.