Event support

Event support


One of the main objectives of the Danish Diabetes Academy is to build up a platform of networking and knowledge sharing to enhance the quality of diabetes research in Denmark. Accordingly, the Academy supports workshops/ joint lab meetings/ courses/ seminars arranged in collaboration with diabetes researchers throughout Denmark, provided that the Academy is displayed as main organiser of the given event.

  1. Purpose
  2. Prerequisites
  3. How to apply
  4. What is covered
  5. Practical arrangements
  6. Further information


The purpose of an event supported by the Academy should be to:

  • Discuss research related issues between national and international diabetes research groups within the same field of research

  • Establish new research collaborations between these groups


The event must cover one of the 5 main research areas of the Academy i.e. type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, diabetes in pregnancy, diabetes technology and diabetic complications and should enhance collaboration between several research groups in or outside Denmark.

Enquiries about an event have to be made 3-4 months before it will take place or by furhter agreement with the Academy secretariat.

The Academy has to be presented as main organiser and credited accordingly as follows: "This event is organised in collaboration with the Danish Diabetes Academy funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation".

The event has to be open for all registered members of the Academy.


The Academy will call for applications 2-3 times a year.

Deadline for the next call: There will not be any more calls in 2016 and throughout the rest of the Danish Diabetes Academy's first project period that ends 1 September 2017.

The application has to be submitted online via the Academy’s application webform and must include a description (max 1-2 pages) of the event containing:

  • Purpose and prospective visions of the event

  • Description of participants (country, research group etc.)

  • Budget plan

  • Request for funding from the Danish Diabetes Academy

The Academy secretariat will process all incoming applications and send them to the Education Committee for evaluation and approval. Accordingly, the Academy secretariat will let you know if, and to what extent, your expenses for the given event will be covered.

The Academy reserves the right to reject an application due to administrative or priority grounds.


The Academy will be able to cover all/ or part of the following expenses related to the event:

  • Travel expenses for both national and international speakers including hotel, flight, train and taxi (economy class)

  • Conference room booking

  • Meals during the meeting including coffee, tea, cold drinks, lunch or dinner at the conference venue or take-away restaurant/ catering service 

  • Print of programme, abstract book, name tags etc.

Note: The presented budget plan will be approved in accordance with the rules in force regarding accommodation, meals and travel at Odense University Hospital

The following expenses are not covered by the Academy:

  • Honorarium for speakers

  • Expenses related to prizes and awards


As sponsor and organiser of external events the Academy has to be visible in all aspects of these events from planning to evaluation.


When the Academy has granted you support for an event, we expect you to provide us with the following information: 

  • Description
    A thorough description of the event including: 
    • Title of event
    • Name of your institution and contact person
    • Target audience
    • Aim
    • Content
    • Venue
    • Time and date of event
    • ECTS approval (if the event is directed at PhD students)
  • Programme
    A preliminary programme including:
    • Name and affiliation of invited speakers
    • Title of the speakers' lectures
    • Allotted time for coffee, lunch and short breaks
  • Accounting
    At the latest 6 weeks after the event you are obliged to send an accounting statement including all expenses covered by the grant

  • Abstract book
    If you want an abstract book, information regarding submission of abstracts should be mentioned in the description (the Academy secretariat has a standard format of abstracts).

    Abstracts from speakers and participants must reach the Academy secretariat at the latest 1 month prior to the event


When the Academy secretariat has received the above mentioned information from you, we will be helpful with the following practical arrangements:

  • Announcement
    The event will be announced on the Academy website, Facebook, LinkedIn and will be mentioned in the Academy Newsletter.

  • Registration of the event
    The description announced on the website will include a link to online registration of the event

  • Conference room booking

  • Ordering coffee/ meals

  • Travel arrangements
    The Academy can be helpful with organising travel and reimbursing expenses for invited speakers

  • Programme
    Print and layout

  • Abstract book
    Print and layout

  • Name tags
    Print and layout

  • Online evaluation form
    The Academy has a standard form – you can add additional questions by further agreement with the Academy secretariat


For help with practical issues, please contact the Danish Diabetes Academy secretariat:
E-mail: info@danishdiabetesacademy.dk