Innovation: Put your discoveries to use in society

Innovation: Put your discoveries to use in society -
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04.04.17 - 09:00

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01.12.16 - 11:45

We offer a 3-day course that teaches researchers how to be better at identifying and validating the potential impact of your research by using lateral professional networks, need analyses and value proposition targets and thereby increasing the chance for project funding and impact to society. 

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The course is arranged by the Danish Diabetes Academy in collaboration with INNO-X Healthcare, Aarhus University.


The course is primarily directed at Post Docs and PhD students.


We offer a 3-day course that teaches researchers how to be better at identifying and validating the potential impact of your research by using lateral professional networks, need analyses and value proposition targets and thereby increasing the chance for project funding and impact to society.

National Science Foundation, together with Venture Well, have created the i-Corps programme, which combines best practice from interdisciplinary research with knowhow from the lean startup movement.

The initiative have proven that bringing people with different skills together and paying attention to a need in society shapes the projects and the researchers to become more clear and direct about the value they can create and for whom.

There is now a tendency showing that the I-Corps program increases the possibility of funding for research and innovation projects.

The increased competition within academia and universities to attract new funding and students puts new demands on researchers to be able to communicate their results and projects much broader than to their closest peers. Not only for the sake of communication and storytelling itself, but for the sake of attracting new collaborators for interdisciplinary projects.

Further, evaluators of grant applications often have an obligation to not only look for the possibility of new knowledge and articles, but for the possible impact a given project can deliver to society.

Therefore, what is the value proposition of your project - not just for you and your team, but for the end-user, research community and/or society?


Day 1 - 31 January 2017Day 2 - 28 February 2017Day 3 -  4 April 2017

Preparation: Online material. Prepare NEED STATEMENT and CANVAS

Preparation: Online material. Improve NEED STATEMENT and CANVAS

Preparation: Online material. Finalize NEED STATEMENT and CANVAS. Perform six end-user interviews per participant

Learning goal: to formulate clear “Need Statements” and “Value propositions”

Learning goal: to interview and collect data from end-user - to validate need and data on canvas. 

Learning goal: to be able to communicate your research in a way that increase the chance for collaboration, funding and impact to society. 

Learning goal: to select the best endpoints to confirm the need and effect with qualitative and quantitative measures. 

Learning goal: to qualify your research by the use of interdisciplinary collaboration. 


By using methods created for startups like the Business Model Canvas and agile development, it is possible to accumulate the data that validate a need for a research project and also to gather knowledge that increases the chances for selecting the best possible endpoints for society and end-users.

This could be defined as formative research, but in fact, it is a way to justify the need for a project on more than assumptions and to be able to communicate this in a way that makes sense to researchers across disciplines as well as nonprofessionals and thereby create engagement and support.

INNO-X will challenge you:

  • Is there actually a need for your work?
  • Do you have data that confirms a need?
  • Have you collected the data that validate the need in different settings?
  • Or have you jumped to the conclusion that “there is a need”, after talking to peers or studied previous related work?
  • Do you have access to the end-users of your work?
  • Have you talked to any intended end-users?
  • Have you involved researcher from different disciplines in designing the intervention or study?

All of the above will be addressed in a manner to revoke the curiosity of researchers and their ability to question assumptions and provide a methodology of working that will most likely increase the value propositions of their work to society.



Three separate days: 31/1-17, 28/2-17 and 4/4-17


Aarhus University, Hedeager 3, DK-8200 Aarhus N.

Please notice that the location for the 2nd and 3rd course day will be adapted according to the needs of the participants to reduce mobility for the majority of the participants.

Course type

This course will run over three days separated by approximately one month (see dates). The course will be run as a flipped-class room format i.e. less lectures and more co-participant work at class. A large part of class preparation will be online video lectures and a significant amount of field work.

ECTS points

4.2 ECTS (approved by Aarhus University)


Prior to the course you will be asked to prepare a short project idea that you will bring to the first day of the course.


Active participation in the course (min. 80 % presence)


A maximum of 16 participants



Course director

Martin Vesterby, and Sys Zoffmann Glud, sys@innox.dkINNO-X Healthcare

Course coordinator

Fundraiser Michael Wehner Rasmussen, Danish Diabetes Academy, 


Please register to the event using the "sign-up to event" button above.
Registration deadline: 1 December 2016, at midnight


Participants registered as member of the Danish Diabetes Academy are free of charge. If you are not registered as a member, click here to go to member registration.

In order to create the best learning environment, we reserve ourselves the right to select among the registered participants. When you regsiter you will therefore be placed on a waiting list until further notice.


In connection with cancellation less than 14 days before course start, a fee of 500 DKK is charged.

INNO-X competence development

INNO-X Healthcare have been working with interdisciplinary research and innovation for more than 3 years and have been the first to incorporate the healthcare sector’s need for qualitative and quantitative evidence with the flexibility of agile development and the lean startup methodology.

Based on the Mixed Methods Innovation Model; INNO-X have conducted courses for entrepreneurs, researchers and in the future also medicine students.

The goal for INNO-X is to give insight to the needs from a personal level all the way to the social setting for in that way to increase: the possibility of working with other than peers, the possibility of funding, the value to society and the possibility of implementation of results and solutions.  

Rationale for “Put your discoveries to use in society”

The future of research belongs to the researchers that have the skills to navigate in a world:

  • Where increased complexity will demand more creativity and interdisciplinary work-relations.
  • Where outcomes have to result in more than a publication.
  • Where impact will be measured in more than an H-index - but in value to society and resources spent from end of study to successful implementation of solution or change in best practice.

The future of research is more demanding than ever. By mixing best practice for interdisciplinary research with the best practice form innovative businesses we can meet that demand.