Committee for Talent Development

The Committee for Talent Development consists of 54 internationally renowned and dedicated scientific experts of the highest international calibre. The composition of the Committee for Talent Development ensures diversity within relevant interdisciplinary diabetes areas and within talent development including scientific experts from the life-science industry.

The aim of the Committee for Talent Development is to perform an objective, professional and comprehensive peer review evaluation of applications for the DDA PhD scholarships, postdoctoral fellowships and visiting professorships/assistant professorships/associate professorships, and to provide a motivated recommendation to the Board of Directors on applications to be funded by the DDA. 

A list of the members can be found here.  

The terms of references of the Committee for Talent Development can be found here


Postdoctoral fellowships and visiting professorships


Chairman: Professor Scott Summers, University of Utah, United States 

Vice-chairman: Professor Venkat Narayan, Emory University, United States

 PhD scholarships


Chairman: Professor Timothy Osborne, Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, United States 
Vice-chairman: Professor Darlene Berryman, Ohio University, United States