Board of Directors

Board of Directors


Danish Diabetes Academy (DDA) is managed by a Board of Directors (BoD) with three internationally renowned experts in education, basic and clinical research, innovation, and talent development within the diabetes field, who altogether are representatives of universities, university hospitals, and other relevant sectors and disciplines across Denmark.

BoD members are appointed for a period of five years. Members may not be reappointed. If a BoD member resigns before the end of his or her term, a new member will be appointed according to the above-mentioned principles.

The BoD is responsible for the DDA’s overall strategy. To execute the strategy, the BoD will establish two committees: the Committee for Talent Development and the Committee for Education. BoD members will decide on the framework for the two committees’ work, including their specific activities.

All BoD members will have regular meetings with the two committees to discuss and receive input on their activities. Based on these inputs and the recommendations of the two advisory bodies described below, BoD members will decide on potential changes to the committees’ activities, which must fall within the framework outlined in the grant proposal.


Allan Flyvbjerg


Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark and Clinical Professor of Endocrinology, University of Copenhagen (Chair)

Kurt Højlund

Professor, MD, DMSc

Chief Physician at Steno Diabetes Center Odense, Odense University Hospital and Clinical Professor in Endocrinology, University of Southern Denmark

Lise Wogensen Bach

Vice Dean, DMSc

Vice-Dean of Talent Development, Faculty of Health, Aarhus University

Tore Christiansen

Managing Director

Danish Diabetes Academy